Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bridal Show in Nashville

Mom and I went to the bridal show at the convention center needless to say it was overwhelming. We did get a ton of good ideas and it also made me wish my budget was unlimited! :) I took some pictures but not as many as I wanted to because of course my camera died half way through the day! This first cake was the one I fell in love with until I saw the ones with diamonds...
Then these came along..I have a million pictures of these cakes but I tried to pick out the best ones. I love the idea of having diamond anything on my cake!

I really love this one. I want my cake to be very simple but with a personal touch of some diamond something I can find. So happy I found this idea because I love it and I never would have thought about it if I wouldn't have seen it there!

I love the rustic outdoors look of the next few pictures. Some other really good ideas!
I love love love this! and note the diamond strands of beads all in the trees....
Very easy to find some inexpensive items to go along with this idea..
I thought this would be an awesome idea to use if we could nail them into some trees. Use bright flowers. I think it could really add to the decorations at the reception!
I love twigs! I found some twigs with lights on them at TJ Maxx for cheap! I think that would be a great addition to a center piece!
Love the wild flowers.
This wedding show was amazing. It was well worth the $10 and 2  hour wait to get out of the parking garage! There is another one in a couple of weeks so expect some more pictures and ideas :)

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