Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dresses Galore

Wedding dress shopping turned out to be way more difficult then I had expected. We went everywhere in the Nashville/Franklin/Columbia area. My two favorite places arr Arzelle's and Petals and Lace. Arzelle's ended up having THE DRESS. Little did the poor 18 year old girl helping us know that the dress was no longer being produced. Thanks to the wonderful owner of Petals and Lace we found that out before paying. After she stayed on the phone with the company half the day all we could conclude is that THE DRESS that I could not stop thinking about was not possible! Just my is a picture of that dress...
Amazing right?

I added a diamond belt  to this dress and it was amazing. Everything I wanted in my wedding shoulder, flowers, and a diamond belt. Then my perfect wedding dress came crashing down..oh yea and it was UNDER my budget!!!! Petals and Lace proposed that I order a "base dress" (which looks exactly like this one minus the flowers) and then design my perfect wedding dress. After letting that soak in I put it in the hands of Karen the owner and my dress is now in the process of being made. I mean in the end who wouldn't want a couture wedding dress?? Here are a few pic. I sent Karen to use to make  my dress...

Now we wait......   :)

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  1. Petals and lace can do anything. Had many a things made there. Your dress will be great. It is Beautiful!