Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DIY mason jar projects

I have recently found an interest in mason jar decorations. I attended a wedding this past summer and the mason jar decorations really set the mood of the reception. After doing a lot of research I have found a million ways to use mason jars as decorations...elegant..rustic..vintage..really whatever style your going for can be achieved with the very inexpensive mason jar!
                                                                           Outdoor, rustic, earthy style wedding:

This idea is amazing! I plan on using this in my upcoming wedding on the seats lining the isle.

I know these are not mason jars BUT imagine how much cheaper it would be to make these hanging lanterns using mason jars instead of buying the over priced lanterns. By combining the idea above and the one below I think it would be simple to create a very inexpensive hanging lantern.

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